Whitehill Primary School


COVID-19 Update January 2021

The school is currently closed with the exception of children of critical workers requiring child care and vulnerable children.  To register your children for this service please read and complete the form.

Government Guidance can be found:

Guidance for school during coronavirus outbreak 

Contingency Framework

Contingency Framework Implementation Guidance

Restricting Attendance During the Lockdown

It is important that if your child receives a positive COVID result you email Adam Lowing, Headteacher, directly, as soon as possible (lowinga@whitehillprimary.com), so we can act accordingly.

We have safety at the forefront of our thinking.  We will minimise risk whilst allowing those in school to enjoy a full educational experience.  

The school day

The school will be open for critical worker children and vulnerable children only.

School will operate with the same hours as September including the option for paid-for Breakfast and After School Club which can be booked in advance in the usual manner, this is the same for lunch.  

Attendance on site should only be when there is no alternative child care at home due to implications of parents’ critical work.  Therefore it is not expected for children to attend every day if not necessary and the in school/home learning curriculums will be lined up to allow children to “switch” between the two during the course of a week.  

Drop-offs and Pick-ups


N15 08:45-11:45

N30 08:45-14:45

Drop-off and pick-up will be from the N15 entrance at the top of School Road.

Reception to Year 6 

Between 08:45–09:05 for drop-offs

Pick-ups 14:50 KS2 (Years 3-6), 14:45 EYFS (Nursery and Reception), 14:40 KS1(Years 1&2)

Children attending school should wear uniform and we will be using the same drop-off and pick-up procedures and timing that we have had since September, see above.  There are to be no late drop-offs or early picks-ups.  We ask that parents wear masks when attending the site and strongly encourage all to do so to help support our community and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please see below for further information to re-clarify but also in response to some questions already asked by parents that answers may assist all:

  • Children should bring PE kit (either to be left in school or to be brought in on a daily basis) to allow for sport opportunities
  • Children should bring water bottles from home though all stationary etc will be provide from the school (pencil case not to be brought in)
  • Children should use the same entrance gates as before Christmas as drop off and pick up arrangements remain the same.
  • Children must attend for the full school day as per normal school day 
  • Children should bring contact books and also book bags.
  • Children can attend breakfast club/after school club as per since September which can be booked in advance in the same way.  Breakfast Club is from 07:45 and After School Club is until 17:15, with an option to pick up at 16:00.  Children will attend these in their year group bubble and will not mix with other bubbles.  Please note this is available for Reception-Year 6.
  • School lunch arrangements are the same as since September.
  • If your child is not attending on a day please let Miss Barnes know (Barnes-Farnhams@whitehillprimary.com) as far as possible in advance.
  • As children may attend the site and also access home learning due to varying parental critical work commitments, families can borrow devices by contacting the main office.

Home Learning

Expectations for Home Learning, from government guidance, is that all children from Year 1 – Year 6 should be doing 3-4 hours of Home Learning a day to ensure they continue to progress and develop.  The learning that we set on Google Classroom equates to this and is based on our school curriculum.  It is vital that children are engaging in their learning on a daily basis and we will do anything we can to support you and them in this.  Please let us know how we can help and we will do so.  

Whilst phones and tablets allow access, we know for children to engage fully in Google Classroom that children from Year 1 and above really benefit from access to a laptop, Chromebook, desktop computer or similar.  For children in nursery and reception they would benefit from accessing a Tablet.  If your child/(ren) has not got access to such a device and would benefit from borrowing a ChromeBook (similar to a laptop) or Tablet, of course with no charge, then please contact the office as soon as possible and we can arrange one.  

If your household has no internet connection please contact Miss Richardson (richardsonk@whitehillprimary.com) and we will signpost you to assistance.  

Any other issues linked to Home Learning then please let Mrs French know (frenchh@whitehillprimary.com).