Whitehill Primary School


Guidance for full opening: schools – GOV.UK

We have safety at the forefront of our thinking.  We will minimise risk whilst allowing children to enjoy a full educational experience.  This will include minimising social contacts whilst ensuring all receive a high quality education that enables them to progress and thrive.  The new guidance still contains significant restraints, which means whilst Whitehill can move a step towards normality, there has to be some amendment to our “traditional” offer.  Please find below a summary of some of the key measures:

Hygiene and infection control is to remain as the top priority for the school.  The school will ensure there is supervised robust hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene for all.  Enhanced cleaning arrangements will be put in place.  All stakeholders must have active engagement with NHS Test and Trace.  All unnecessary furniture has been removed from classrooms over the summer.

Well-being and a recovery curriculum will be central to our return with lots of work to support transition, connection, community and belonging.  The school has worked with colleagues from specialist services including a clinical psychologist to ensure that mental health and well-being support is interwoven to our offer for all children.

The school will operate with a year group bubble model.  Children will not mix with children from other bubbles during the course of the day.   Whilst the children will be in their own class group for the significant majority of their time, this does allow some flexibility for specialist teaching. 

To  ensure groups do not mix at lunchtime, lunchtime will be reduced to half an hour.  This will then create more staggered lunchtimes spreading the children out into separate areas.  There will be packed lunches served only.  These will need to be either purchased as normal, or provided from home in a disposable bag/container.  

The school will be open for all children (Years 1-6) on Wednesday 2nd September.  Children will be dropped off between 8:45 – 9:05.  The additional time is to create a softer start.  The school will continue to use and build upon previously created “one way systems” for drop off.  There will also be a new gate opened on the KS1 playground (off Sun Lane) to minimise congestion.  

The school day will finish at:  2:50 KS2, 2:45 EYFS, 2:40 KS1 due to the above change in lunchtimes, to ensure the children do not mix groups.  There will be a spreading of dismissal points, which will also include a one-way system to enter and exit the grounds (including the new KS1 playground gate). 

The school will provide paid for Breakfast Club from 7:45 and After School Club until 5:15.  Children will attend these in their year group bubble and will not mix with other bubbles.  

The school has placed safety as the key consideration for updates to the behaviour policy.  Mechanisms such as designated entrances and exits, walking on the left, minimising movement around the building and adult supervision will avoid creating busy corridors and will avoid “pinch points” and social contacts. 

Attendance will be expected and compulsory for all children. 

There will be a very small number of children still shielding.  The school will make provision for their education via Home Learning platforms. 

The school will return to full school uniform.  Families should ensure fresh uniforms daily. 

Items coming in and out of school should only be absolutely essential to the education of children.  Anything which does not directly impact on child development should not be shared in or out of school.  Stationery will be individual for children and adults, not to be shared.  The school will provide pencil cases and personal water bottles.  These items can not be brought in from home.  

All these measures are temporary.  They will be reviewed regularly in terms of school practice but also in terms of changing government guidance.