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Design and technology is a highly practical and creative subject, which will equip children with many of the life-skills that they will need for the future. Learning about how to fix things, build things, create and problem-solve are vital, and encompass some of the main skills that we want children to have when they leave Whitehill. Design and technology is all about solving real problems, and as such, is taught in the context of lots of different disciplines; children will use software to render 3D images in Computing, design and create settlements in Geography, and learn about food and nutrition in Science. They will use their design skills to help them create Art, and in History, learn about how design and technology have helped shape the world.  

Design technology is an opportunity to provide children with a real life context for learning and real problems to solve.  Design technology differs from Art or craft as it follows the design, make and evaluate cycle. Each of these stages needs to be given equal weight and is an opportunity for the children to practise techniques and skills that will be beneficial in later life.  At Whitehill Primary school, our DT curriculum map allows children the opportunity to work as engineers, designers, chefs and architects. Learning intentions are such that children have the chance to create a quality product or be able to identify and evaluate what they could do differently in the future.