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Flexible 15 hour Nursery

  • We now offer flexible sessions in our 15 hour nursery these can be used over a full day or spread across the week including am or pm sessions. Parents will be given an expression of interest form to identify the sessions they would like to request for the year.
  • Nursery sessions can only be renewed at the start of every old term, term 2, term 4 and term 6.
  • Parent contracts will be drawn up and given to parents before children can attend the nursery.
  • If children stay all day there will be an additional £3 charge to cover the cost of the lunchtime hour. If children stay for lunch they have to attend an afternoon nursery session.
  • Children have to attend a minimum of two sessions per week.
  • Top up sessions can be paid for at £15 for a 3 hour session.
  • We offer the free for 2 depending on eligibility; we have a small number of spaces allocated for these each term within the nursery.
  • Children can join from their 3rd Birthday either by paying or being eligible for the free for 2 scheme. Funding then starts the term after the children’s third birthday.
  • Our funded deliverable session hours for 15 hour nursery run from 8:30 11:30 or 12:30-15:30.
  • We also off a number of 30 hour spaces within the nursery, these will be subject to availability.

30 hours Nursery

  • Children can join the nursery from the term after their 3rd birthday subject to eligibility.
  • Our funded deliverable hours for 30 hour Nursery are 9:00- 15:00 
  • Children bring in a packed lunch and eat this in the junior hall with their midday supervisor.
  • During the day the children complete phonics, squiggle, dough disco, small groups, outdoor learning and have snack time. They also have the opportunity to have a nap after their lunch in our sleep room.
  • Children attend a weekly story session with reception in the infant hall.
  • The 30 hour nursery and 15 hour nursery also link up during the day so that the children get to know everyone across the nursery classes.
  • This really supports the transition and preparing children for school if you join Whitehill Primary School.

EYFS Curriculum

15 hour Nursery – Expression of Interest form

30 hour Nursery – Expression of Interest form