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At Whitehill we use the Greenacre Sports Partnership scheme of work because it enables pupils to learn core skills that can then be transferred and consolidated in other sports and disciplines, through a progressive framework of sessions with clear aims for a broad range of physical activities. The scheme exposes pupils to a wide range of sports and disciplines, allowing them to develop different skills and build upon them as they progress term-upon-term, and year-upon-year. Pupils learn a range of skills both individually and as part of teams, differentiated to support and challenge pupils of a range of abilities, which are then applied to a range of competitive games and sporting situations. There is an expectation that pupils are physically active for sustained periods of time during their PE sessions. Our curriculum teaches pupils respect and sportsmanship etiquette and important life skills, acknowledging that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, and how to deal with those situations.

We recognise PE is the only subject whose primary focus is on the body. It uniquely addresses the physical development of our children and makes a major contribution to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We believe that at a time when there are growing health concerns over children nationally, we should inspire our children to become healthy, active learners. Our curriculum aims to be the springboard towards a physically active life by introducing children to different sports and movements. Moreover, PE enables children to develop teamwork, leadership and resilience in an alternative setting to the classroom. 


Greenacre Sports Partnership

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