Whitehill Primary School & Nursery
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Quotes and Parental Views

Parental Survey:

QuestionSpring 2019 (175 responses)Spring 2020 (108 responses)
My child is happy at school98%95%
My child feels safe at this school96%96%
The school makes sure children behave well89%95%
My child makes good progress at the school94%97%
The school responds well to any concerns I raise90%97%
I would recommend this school to other parents93%93%
The school has high expectations100%

Challenge Partners

In February 2019 the school had an independent review by a team of 4 from an organization called Challenge Partners.  The external team was made up of a Lead Ofsted Inspector and Head Teachers from around the country.  They worked over the course of 3 days with the leadership team to help further develop understanding of how the school is doing and ways it can move forwards.  They spent time in all the classrooms and met with staff across the school.   What they said in conclusion included:

“Pupils throughout the school are enthusiastic learners. They are keen to engage and demonstrate a clear willingness and enthusiasm to learn. They collaborate and share ideas with each other in a constructive and friendly manner.” 

“Classrooms have been developed into exciting learning environments, which make a positive contribution to supporting pupils’ learning.”

“Through the consistent use of good routines, children in the EYFS are able to work well together, share ideas and take turns to use resources. They have quickly developed the skills of being independent learners.”

“Open-ended questioning was used in many instances to probe and extend pupils’ thinking. This led to high levels of engagement by the pupils.”

“The use of collaborative talk and the sharing of ideas in lessons ensure that pupils extend their vocabulary.”

“Since September, and compared to the last academic year, the proportion of pupils making better progress has increased. This improvement in reading, writing and mathematics is across all year groups and for all groups of ”

“Leaders’ drive, purpose and determination were evident throughout all the discussions and meetings of the review.”

Challenge Partners undertook a second review in November 2019 and said: 

“Leaders’ pride in the pupil-centred curriculum and ‘winning hearts and minds’ is palpable…Teachers conveyed their passion for teaching reading and pupils spoke with excitement about ‘extreme reading’ as a significant motivator in their reading journeys… Each Key Stage 2 class has pupil leaders for mathematics, computing, PE, English and the school council. At pupil leadership conferences, speakers come in to tell pupils how their own jobs require leadership skills, including a semi-professional footballer, a construction manager and the CEO of the trust”  

Parents Feedback in November 2018:

During Parents’ Evening a member of the governing body spoke to parents and gather comments and views regarding the school.  They said:

“Security is really good and the school is really good.”

“My children are doing really well here.”

“The peer mentor program is a really good thing, it demonstrates to other children something to strive for.”

“We are really happy with this school.”

“Maths and Writing in the school is really good.”

“Teaching staff are fantastic.”

“I can see a lot of money is being spent here compared to the previous school my children were at.  I am really impressed with this school.”

“PTA are really good and are doing a good job.”

“Clubs and extra-curricular activities are really good.”

“I have had a really positive experience moving my children to this school.”

“Safeguarding here is very good.”

“Staff ethos is focussed on children being safe across the whole school.”

Parental Social Media Comments:

“Thank you so much to all the staff for all your hard work, enthusiasm and nurturing this year.  We could not have been happier sending our little one anywhere else”

“[child] thrived in the 30 hour nursery last year, she absolutely loved it.  The teachers were so nurturing it was wonderful to see her development, it set her up perfectly for reception class.”

“[child] absolutely adores nursery.”

“fantastic school – very proud my two attend”

Other things Parents have said:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing us to be part of the awards today. It’s a wonderful reward system for children to work towards and the recognition for the children, involving the parents is fantastic.  We felt so proud.  And also, we were amazed about all the children’s behaviour. They sat there so well behaved, all looking pleased for their fellow pupils.  We are so pleased with the school and the children are a credit to their teachers who do such a great job.”

“Please pass on my thanks to the Early years team who put together the nativity shows. It was really enjoyable to watch.. the whole team have done a great job. The children did you all proud.”

“We felt compelled to write and say what a wonderful performance the children gave today, given they have only been learning for five months. They are all learning a skill, and the enthusiasm shown was heartwarming. 

We should like our thanks extended to their ukeleke teacher who demonstrated tremendous dedication, and clearly brings a lot of fun to their lessons.”