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At Whitehill, we highly value the importance of children’s skills in Reading. Reading underpins all areas of learning as the development of language comprehension is vital for all learning. Throughout the school we use CLPE’s Power of Reading approach to put quality texts at the centre of our English curriculum. This allows us to select quality, rich books to meet the needs of children and to provide them with experience, characters and settings vital for young people’s overall growth. Texts progress and outcomes increase as the children move up through the key stages. We also recognise the importance of non-fiction texts. Our book corners are based to ensure all areas of learning have quality accessible reading.

We have developed our teaching of Reading to ensure that our daily lessons have clear focus on skills that underpin a child’s progression as they journey through the school. Our classrooms and corridors also reflect a love of reading with creative and engaging displays based on literature. This approach also benefits knowledge acquisition as the texts selected are based in a wide range of historical and social contexts that give children an insight into the wider world beyond their immediate scope of vision.

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 we use elements of Read, Write, Inc to develop phonics and guided reading in a systematic and rigorous manner. Children’s skills, knowledge and understanding are developed sequentially to then assist them in their reading ability.

Children enjoying reading for pleasure, whilst choosing challenging texts, is vital for their growth not only in academic learning but also in overall personal development. Whitehill undertakes lots of different elements to promote this. For example, we use Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader to provide children with a progressive framework for their independent reading choices. Children are assessed to determine their underlying reading attainment and then signposted to quality texts for them to access for which they will enjoy whilst providing them with appropriate challenge.

We are very fortunate to have 2 libraries, one in each of the main key stage buildings. These rooms house an extensive selection of reading material for children to enjoy in school but also at home.

In 2019/2020 we have launched an Extreme Reading Display to celebrate children and adults reading in a variety of strange and wonderful places. We also have Reading Buddy schemes in the schools where older children are paired with younger children with both encouraging both reading habits from each other. We also have termly Reading parties whereby the whole school takes part in fun text based activities to promote the creativity and inspiration that reading brings.

We have initiatives such as author polls and reading competitions to encourage children to enjoy their reading. Last year we were also involved with nationwide events such as World Book Day, Roald Dahl Day and BBC 500 word competition to help children to understand they are part of a global reading community.

If you need to quiz on your accelerated reader book, please use this link.

You can also read books online using MyOn, please use this link.