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School Lunch

Please click here to see the School Menu, all allergens are listed for each menu when booking; however they are subject to change if an ingredient is replaced by an alternative brand.

School lunch is an integral part of the school day in any school, and many children look forward to lunchtime.  The importance of a nutritionally well-balanced school lunch is vital to ensure that the pupils are ready for learning in the afternoon and it sees them through until they get home.  It is also an important social time, and the mid-day supervisors and staff who join the children for lunch encourage good social behaviour at the table and teach them how to tidy up after themselves.

Wendy Hollins, our cook, and her team are responsible for developing a varied menu which has the essential components of a nutritionally balanced meal.  All school meals include protein for growth (meat, vegetarian protein such as Quorn and cheese), carbohydrates for energy (potatoes, pasta, rice), vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system and organ function (fruit and vegetables) and a source of dietary fibre (fruit and vegetables and salad).  All our kitchen team meet the requirements of health and safety, and all of the ingredients bought into the kitchen are checked for suitability in relation to allergens.

Obviously, not all children have a school lunch and many bring a packed lunch.  The school encourages a healthy approach to packed lunches and would urge parents and carers to ensure that their child’s packed lunch does not contain too much sugar and salt. It is also important to recognise that some children have allergies to certain foods, which can cause very serious health problems and could be potentially life-threatening.  We have several children in school who are allergic to nuts and we would like to become as much of a “nut free school” as possible.  The school would like to encourage parents and carers to avoid using products containing nuts or items which state ‘may contain nuts’ in their child’s packed lunch to avoid any potential allergic, including peanut butter and chocolate spread. 

The ingredients which come into the kitchen are thoroughly checked to ensure that no traces of nuts are present in the school kitchen. 

For more information on nut allergies and other common allergies, please look on the Allergy UK website.