Whitehill Primary School & Nursery
Developing confidence, ambition and independence through the highest aspirations for all


Our uniform identifies us as a community and its existence is underpinned by the notion that academic achievement thrives in an environment of equality, unity and inclusivity. All pupils are expected to dress in full school uniform as this is a very important part of our ethos and culture. 

Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform:

  •         *Promotes a sense of identity and pride in our school.
  •         *Helps to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school: we learn, practise, play and  succeed together.
  •         *Uniform makes us all appear equal: we come to school looking the same way. No one should feel awkward about the clothes they have or don’t have.
  •         *Prevents children from wearing ‘fashion clothes’ that could be distracting in class.
  •         *Is practical, smart and designed with health and safety in mind.

School uniform is valued at Whitehill and we expect all the Children to be sent to school in any of the following:

  •          *Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge sewn or iron fused on
  •          *Plain white polo shirt
  •          *Grey skirt, skort, pinafore, trousers or shorts
  •          *Blue check or stripe Summer dress or skort 
  •          *Flat black shoes (see below)
  •          *Socks: grey or white
  •          *Tights: grey
  •          *Practical weatherproof coat

For PE the following kit will need to be sent in a drawstring bag:

  •          *Plain, white t-shirt
  •          *Black shorts or tracksuit trousers
  •          *White socks
  •          *Trainers or plimsolls

If your child has long hair, they will need it tied back, especially for PE. All children take part in PE and games in normal lesson time.


We know that some of our Parents and carers will have put aside older children’s uniform in the old purple and green colours for siblings still in the School or entering Reception. We want to reassure you that, although we are moving to the single colour scheme listed above, there will be no issue in continuing to make use of pre-loved pieces until they are worn out or too small.

Spare Clothing

We would recommend that everyone keeps a spare change of clothing in their PE bag (just in case).  Another useful addition would be a cagoule /rain jacket, especially in our changeable spring and summer seasons.


Children are expected to wear sensible footwear to school i.e weatherproof, flat heel. We will allow plain black trainers on the condition they have no contrasting colour logo, stripes, soles or laces. Ballet slipper style shoes are unsuitable unless they have a strap across the top of the foot.


Small, stud earrings only. Your child must have tape in their PE bag to cover earrings  where they cannot be removed. Exceptions to the stated jewellery rules e.g. for religious significance will be considered if  parent’s request. No nail polish, false nails, or tattoo transfers.

Art & Crafts

We use water-based paints which can be removed by pre-soaking items and washing at 30 degrees. However,  we advise that an apron or an adult’s retired shirt be sent in. This will remain at school and be worn to protect clothing during messy activities.

Toys must not be brought into school unless specifically asked for as part of a topic work. We accept no responsibility for lost articles should this advice be ignored.

All clothes should be clearly named, including outdoor coats.

Where to Purchase our School Uniforms

We continue to be associated with the Sewing Shop in Gravesend where uniforms of the aforementioned description can be purchased in store or on-line. However, following consultation with our school community, we have sought ways to minimise the cost and increase choice of supplier. Consequently, the school badge which can be iron-fixed or sewn onto sweatshirts and cardigans, can be purchased at minimal cost from the school. We regularly hold a  nearly new uniform shop where items of school uniform can be acquired through a nominal voluntary contribution. 

With the exception of the school badge, our entire school uniform can be purchased from a range of online and high street retailers and supermarkets. When buying a new uniform, we ask that you only think ‘blue for new’ sweatshirts, cardigans and summer dresses (checked or striped).