Whitehill Primary School

Vision, ethos and strategic priorities

Vision, Ethos and Mission Aims

Developing confidence, ambition and independence through the highest aspirations for all.


  • All to enjoy high quality, enriched learning excellence with exciting opportunities.
  • All to develop in a safe and inspiring environment where all needs are met.
  • All to aspire to develop and achieve.


The Strategic Priorities 2020 – 2023

To achieve our Strategic Plan, the Local Governing Body have identified 6 strategic priorities  to focus efforts and attention and to drive continuous improvement.  The 6 strategic priorities are:

  1. Inspire all to be confident, ambitious and independent through excellent teaching, learning, curriculum and enrichment.  For all to achieve the highest standards of personal development: mutual respect and tolerance; resilience; an understanding of what it is to be a good citizen.
  2. For attainment and all learning to be above the national average with all children making excellent progress.
  3. To create a safe, engaging and supportive learning environment. 
  4. Attract and retain motivated, enthusiastic and passionate staff by ensuring an exciting, supportive and rewarding environment in which to work and develop.
  5. To be a beacon, celebrating difference and engaging in strong partnership with the community we serve: Whitehill to be the school of choice for local families.

To have efficient and effective financial controls to allow us to focus on developing sustainable future provision.