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Year Group & Class Specific Letters

Please click on a term to read the communications that were sent out:

Term 1 - 3 Communications

N15 AM Enrichment Week N15 PM Enrichment Week School's Out Club for N30 N30 Enrichment WeekWelcome to Reception Reception Hearing & Vision Screening Reception NCMP Parent Letter Reception Enrichment Week Year 1 Enrichment Week Year 2 Enrichment Week Year 3 Stone Age Day Year 3 Enrichment Week Year 4 Enrichment Week Year 5 Geography Walk Year 5 Enrichment Week Meet and Greet with Mr Gallears, NTC Headteacher Secondary School Application 2024 St. John's Open Evening Year 6 Residential Trip - Monday 8th - Friday 12th July 2024 Year 6 NCMP Parent Letter  Year 6 Thriftwood Residential Meeting Meopham School Open Evening & Mornings Year 6 Enrichment Week

Apply Online for Reception 2024 Nativity Costume Apply Online for Reception 2024 Nativity Costume My Mum, Special Person 2024 NELI Language Screen My Mum Special Person 2024 Year 2 Gravesend Town Centre Trip  My Mum Special Person 2024 Year 3 Roman Day Roman Day Update Cobalt Swimming Letter Year 4 Viking Day Year 4 Viking Day Update Year 4 Residential Trip - PGLSpeech & Language Q&A Speech & Language Q&A Jolly Phonics Parent Workshop Speech & Language Q&A Balance Bike Lessons Jolly Phonics Parent Workshop Speech & Language Q&A Speech & Language Q&A Multiplication Parent Workshop Roman Day Final UpdateReading Support Parent Workshop Multiplication Parent Workshop Viking Day Final Update Reading Support Parent Workshop PGL Residential Permission Form Reading Support Parent Workshop Year 5 Meapa Sessions Amethyst Class Update Reading Support Parent Workshop Amethyst Parent Meetings Thriftwood Residential Permission Form

Term 4 Communications 

N15 AM / PM Library Visit N30 Library Visit Nursery Animal Club School Visit Reception Library Visit Kent Life My Dad / Special Person My Dad / Special Person A & V Museum Update My Dad / Special Person Pistachio Class - Miss Butcher Leading Year 4 ResidentialPeer Mentor Letter Staff attending the PGL Residential Indigo Class Swimming Letter Peer Mentor Letter Year 5 Taster Session at NTC & NSfG Peer Mentor Letter

Term 5 Communications

Phonics ScreeningLetter Phonics Screening LetterSATs Breakfast Week Year 6 Thriftwood Residential Final Meeting Year 6 Thriftwood Kit List

Term 6 Communications

Year 6 End of Year Events