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Our Enrichment & Learning Experiences

Term 5

In term 5, year 4 learned all about the Stuarts. We spent lots of time learning about the plague and the impact that it had on the people who lived in London and Eyam at the time. In Geography, we have looked closely at the UK. We have a strong understanding of where cities can be found and the seas that surround us as well as how different places compare to where we live. 

In Art and DT, we have studied William Morris designs and packaging. We are working towards creating our own prints which use repeating patterns in art. In DT, we have looked at what makes effective packing and the best way to package products that travel long distances. We will be designing our own packaging to protect an egg as well as we can and we will be testing these in term 6. 

In Science, we have been experimenting with sound. We have been using glass bottles with different amounts of water in them and different length straws to see the effect it had on the pitch and volume. 

Science Sound

These photos show the children creating their own musical instruments using different length straws. We discussed how the length of the star affected the pitch.


Enrichment at school

These photos show some of the activities we did at school whilst the others were at PGL. We built structures from marshmallows and spaghetti, competed on times tables rock stars and created our own comic books!


The residential trip was a fantastic success and both the children at school and on the trip had a great time taking part in fun activities. 

Term 4

Last term, year 4 moved on from learning about the Vikings to learning about the Normans. We looked at some key changes over time including how the Normans changed farming in the UK and even changed the landscape by building castles and chopping down trees. In Geography we discovered how Gravesend changed over time and compared OS maps from the late 1800s to the modern day. 

In art and DT we designed our own cross stitch patterns and used them to create our own bookmarks. We experimented with different types of sails to add to our own Viking longboats to see how effective the different sails would be. 


Year 4 DT


Term 3

Year 4 have been learning about the Vikings. We looked at what life was like for Vikings at whether they were truly just raiders and invaders. We learned that they were fantastic craftsmen, sailors and traders who even made it all the way to Canada! In DT, we have begun building Viking longships and next term we will be experimenting some more with different types of sails to see which will be the most effective.

History and English work Term 3

Year 4 Science Term 2

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Year 4 Timetable

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