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Our Enrichment & Learning Experiences This Term

Wow, what a wonderful term this as been and so much enjoyment in learning has been achieved. We are so proud of the achievements the children have made, from writing their name to doing their very own zip up. This term we have been so busy. The children enjoyed observing the ice in our cold weather, and even investigated how to get the dinosaur out of its frozen egg. The children also were engaged in the number of dinosaur books, and have been using the new vocabulary in their sentences. Measuring dinosaurs and making dinosaur fossils has also been and enjoyment this term. This week we had some special visitors, a paramedic and a nurse, Thank you to our wonderful visitors! The children were so well behaved and asked amazing questions. Bandages and plasters were then used to cure our sick teddies and babies in the roleplay. We have such a caring group of children.  

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