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Our Enrichment & Learning Experiences This Term


Our focus in DT was looking at mechanisms, using pneumatic forces to create moving toys. We are going to take this learning into next term in order to create our own toy cars that will use pneumatic systems. 


Our Art this term was based upon portraiture, so we linked this with our history topic, and explored the symbolism throughout Tudor portraits, and started to employ this into developing our own self-portraits. We were able to use AI to create ideas, before we continue into next term and create our portraits.


Science this term was all about forces, so we learnt about gravity, friction, air resistance, and water resistance, all of which we investigated through different experiments. 


In English this term we looked at the book 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman, which led to us looking at features of scary stories and descriptive narratives, with us writing our own, as well as a newspaper article.


In RE this term, we began looking at the importance of places of worship to different religions around the world, and what they offer to those who attend them. We looked at Churches, Synagogues, and Gurdwaras.

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 Year 5 Timetable

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Our Current Learning Letter

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