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Year 6 Information Page

Our Enrichment & Learning Experiences This Term



This term, the children in Year 6 have been reading 'The Song from Somewhere Else', a tale of friendship, bullying and fitting in. It was certainly a page turner! Using the book as inspiration, the children wrote a diary from the perspective of Frank, having experienced bullying at the hands of Neil Noble. As well as this, the children also discussed how this bullying incident may have been different if someone else had seen it. The children discussed who could have possibly witnessed the events. After this discussion, the children wrote a short narrative, inserting a new character into the events, describing what may have happened had that person witnessed the bullying. We are very proud of the writing the children have produced this term. Well done Year 6!


In Science, we have been learning about Electricity!  We worked on revising our knowledge of circuits and enjoyed learning new vocabulary as well as new symbols in order to record scientific diagrams of circuits.  We discovered how voltage affects the brightness of a bulb and the volume of a buzzer.


Over this term, we have been looking at our dreams and goals. We looked at what a dream is and how to set goals for ourselves that are achievable. We were reminded of Growth Mindset and being resilient in our learning and trying no matter how hard things get.


The children in Year 6 learned about the different catapults that the Romans used before designing and making their own catapult. The Romans did not invent the catapult, but they improved the Greeks design which was created in the fourth century BC. The children planned their catapults and then used a ruler to measure pieces of wood. Once the wood was measured, the children used junior saws to cut the wood. After that, the children used a glue gun to join the pieces of wood together and used triangular pieces of card to strengthen the joins. Do you know why we used triangular pieces to strengthen the joins? Triangles are the strongest shape there is. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed on all 3 sides. 


In French, the children have been learning vocabulary associated with the weekend. They have revised vocabulary associated with time and days. They also learned to say and write phrases linked to what they like to do do at the weekend.




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Year 6 Timetable

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