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Our Enrichment & Learning Experiences This Term

Year 3 Stone Age History

Roman Shields:

Year 3 has been learning all about the Romans. To celebrate our learning we finished the term with an exciting, action-packed Roman day, where we not only constructed our own shields but then used them to re-enact Roman battle formations such as the testudo and tortoise formations.


In science we have been exploring light and shadows. Reflection has been a key them discussed in our learning. As such, year 3 have completed a cross-curricular project to create their own mirrors. We began by planning out how we would attach our mirrors, once made, to their frames and how we would make them stand up. Then, we took inspiration from our Roman learning and designed our mosaic patterns to decorate the frame. Finally, the children were able to bring their designs to life!


Year 3 Roman Shields

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Year 3 Timetable

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