Whitehill Primary School & Nursery
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At Whitehill Primary School it is our intention that children will gain understanding of what music is through listening, playing, singing, evaluating, analysing and composing.  We believe that music should be an enjoyable learning experience. Children are encouraged to participate in many musical experiences which aim to build the confidence of all. Our main teaching focus will be to develop pupils’ curiosity, understanding and acceptance of all types of music.  Children will learn about structure and organisation of music through singing songs and will develop their ability to understand rhythm and follow a beat. They will listen to a range of different forms of music and learn to appreciate these. We will teach technical musical vocabulary such as volume, pitch, beat and rhythm and children will be encouraged to discuss music using these terms.  We are committed to ensuring that children understand the value and importance of music and involve themselves in music in a variety of contexts. We use Charanga (Kent Interactive Music) as a foundation to base our progressive learning on throughout the school.


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